Penetration Testing Services, by Shorebreak Security

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Your all so mighty enterprise might be a little more vulnerable than you think. From the most typical phishing scams to the most sophisticated, targeted attacks, these days, it’s just not enough to keep your firewalls up and your virus checks regular. You need to know for sure what kind of risk you’re at—and more importantly, how much that risk could cost you.

That’s where we come in. At Penetration Testing Services, we specialize in assessing your vulnerabilities and helping you understand their impact on your business. We’ll show you where you’re exposed and help you figure out what that means for your bottom line. And, if you find that your vulnerabilities are significant enough to affect business operations or threaten confidential data, we can work with you to put a plan in place that will help you protect your assets.

We know it’s not realistic to expect elimination of ALL risk—after all, even the most secure systems can be compromised by user error—but we can help you make sure those risks are minimized.

Our services go beyond evaluating your technical risk profile: We’ll also assess the human element of security threats and perform a comprehensive review of your existing policies and procedures for identifying and responding to incidents as they arise.

Our Specialized Services

In an increasingly complex world, more and more businesses are turning to penetration testing to make absolutely sure that their systems are secure from attack. The most effective way to approach this is through a risk assessment, which can help you take stock of your current situation so that you can see where the potential vulnerabilities lie in your company.

Assessing the Threats

Risk assessments help you determine your organization’s risk profile. Conducting a thorough, comprehensive analysis of your company’s threat landscape gives you the ability to identify what types of threats are most likely to come into play against your company. Then you can develop an effective security strategy to ensure that you don’t fall victim to those attacks.

If you haven’t conducted a professional threat assessment, you’ll need to begin by deciding which aspects of your security infrastructure are most at risk. You might find that only certain areas need focused attention, or that several different facets of your security strategy require attention. Penetration Testing Services will work with you to identify the area’s most in need of attention, and then help you develop a plan to address them.

Assessing Your Vulnerabilities

Whether you work in an office, a warehouse, a shop, or on a construction site, the safety of your employees and customers is your primary concern. But what about your digital security? Or even the security of your physical premises?

If you’ve ever wondered about the security of your business, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of businesses (nearly 90%) suffer at least one data breach every year—and these breaches cost them a lot: an average of $3.86 million per year. How can you know if you’re at risk?

This is where penetration testing comes in. Penetration testing is a simulated cyberattack that helps you identify vulnerabilities in your systems before they are exposed by real-world attackers. Penetration testing can be used to test your:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Digital services
  • Mobile apps

Penetration testing will show you how secure your systems are against threats such as:

  • SQL injection attacks
  • Cross site scripting attacks (XSS)
  • Denial of service attacks (DoS)

Risk Assessment

Before you start on the path to preventing breach, it’s important that you understand your current vulnerabilities and their impact. Our risk assessment is the first step towards mitigating your digital risk.

Our team will begin by assessing your vulnerabilities, including:

  • Your systems
  • Your codebase
  • Your employees’ security behavior
  • How well you’re connected with other systems externally and internally

This assessment will give us a sense of where you are vulnerable, and we will then assess what impact those vulnerabilities would have on your organization if they were exploited. At this point, we can provide a roadmap for how to tackle those