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Social Engineering

Social Engineering

How secure is your data?

You already know that data breaches are getting bigger, more sophisticated, and more common. They’re also happening everywhere: no company or industry is safe. But did you know that the vast majority of these breaches happen because of people? Hackers aren’t breaking into your systems with computer code. They’re using human beings to get there.

Social engineering attacks are on the rise, and they’re getting harder to detect—because they’re not happening on the internet. They’re happening in real life. Social engineering is a hacker’s tactic for tricking employees into giving away confidential information or granting access to restricted areas by deceiving them with emails, phone calls, or even in-person visits.

Penetration Testing Services can help you identify and respond to social engineering threats before they become a problem with an in-depth social engineering penetration test. Our team will conduct cyberattacks against your company’s infrastructure while you monitor their progress in real time so that you can see exactly how vulnerable your systems are. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report of how to strengthen all weak points and implement our findings, so that your business is better protected from social engineering threats than ever before!

Why Social Engineering Penetration Testing?

We’re glad you asked. Here are three reasons why opting for a social engineering penetration test to assess your business’s vulnerability to hacking is the best way to secure your data.

  1. It strengthens your business against hacking. This type of penetration testing allows you to identify the weak points in your business’s IT infrastructure where hackers could attack and steal your data. By identifying these points, you can work with your IT team to shore them up before they’re exploited.
  2. It prepares against phishing exploits. Social engineering penetration testing allows you to “practice” what would happen if an employee clicked on a malicious link or opened up a file that contained malware, which would give hackers access to the information stored in your system. By running through these scenarios ahead of time, you can show employees how important it is not to click on any suspicious links or open any files that they aren’t sure about—and you can also improve the design of such links and files so that employees are less likely to fall for them when they do see them online.
  3. Employee compliance with firm security policies can be assessed in real time with this tool! Once you know where your weak points are, it becomes easier for your IT team to monitor how employees are actually using company network resources.

What if you knew your employees were really, really good at security? What if their practices were so infallible that you never had to worry about a data leak ever again?

Well, go ahead and worry—because it’s impossible to be 100% sure. How do we know? Because most of the time, we’re the ones who engineer it.

Penetration Testing Services specializes in social engineering assessments for clients who want to test their own employees’ security practices. We provide a highly targeted email-driven (phishing) assessment and introduce malware into your environment to test whether your employees are falling for “friendly” emails or opening documents they should know better than to open. The results are invaluable: we offer a detailed report outlining strengths and weaknesses across the board, as well as recommendations for improving your company’s security posture.

The best way to stop cybercriminals is by knowing how they work. And we’d like to think that we know them pretty well.

Our Specialized Testing

Social engineering is a form of “soft” hacking that doesn’t rely on brute-force methods to infiltrate systems, but instead uses human interaction and deception to gain access to sensitive information or places. The most common social engineering method is the use of spear phishing, where the hacker pretends to be someone they are not (like a co-worker) in order to get you or someone in your organization to give them access.

Sound scary? That’s because it is! And without regular penetration testing, you may never know whether your company is vulnerable to attack.

Penetration Testing Services offers Social Engineering packages that will test just how susceptible your organization really is by planting malware on 10 USB drives and leaving them lying around for employees to find. We’ll then work with you to assess the results and recommend any necessary changes.

Don’t leave your data vulnerable! Sign up for our Social Engineering package today.